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Learning support for refugee children from various countries living in Warsaw

Thematic area
Educational projects
Project status
Source of funding
Fundusz Polskich Organizacji PozarzÄ…dowy

Project description

The aim of the project is to provide refugee children with learning support. This support will enable them
not only master the school material better, but also function more freely at school thanks to it
better mastery of the principles of organizing learning in the classroom and a better understanding of expectations
towards students.

Project goals

Support will be offered in various forms, depending on reported and observed needs. The proposed project is a continuation and extension of our regular one a learning support program, implemented largely by volunteers. The long-term support obtained will help students with refugee experience complete their studies a given stage of education and move on to the next one (if they plan to do so). All pedagogical support offered as part of the project is not limited to the transfer of knowledge, but also includes supporting the student on the chosen educational path.
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