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Autumn with Polish

Jesień z językiem polskim
Thematic area
Polish language
02.10.2023 - 29.12.2023
Project status

Project description

As part of the project, we conducted a 3-month course in Polish as a foreign language for people with refugee experience. The course was conducted in several groups at levels A1, A2 and B2.

The course was conducted by proven teachers with whom we had also cooperated in previous projects. We managed to complete as many as 80 hours of Polish language classes.

Project benefits

We believe that Polish language lessons are a key tool for integrating and helping people in everyday life.

This applies to both formal situations, such as conversations at the office or at school, as well as informal situations, e.g. conversations with colleagues from work, neighbors or parents of other students in the child's class.

We know that developing language skills translates not only into better opportunities on the labor market, but also into realizing your dreams in a new place of residence.

The better the language knowledge, the wider the range of available job positions consistent with a person's skills and education.

Additionally, learning a language is not only about mastering words and grammar rules, but also understanding the cultural context.

This is a key element that helps refugees navigate the new reality, enabling them to better understand the surrounding world.< /p>
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