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Safe in and out

Safe in and out
Thematic area
European Parliament elections
01.02.2024 - 30.06.2024
Project status

Project description

The project focuses on activities aimed at raising awareness of candidates for MEPs about the real threats and risks faced by people on the move - migrants. We present available solutions to mitigate these threats or prevent them completely.

Project goals

Our main goal is to prepare short, easy-to-understand information for MEP candidates from Poland. We want to present them with legal and humanitarian aspects related to illegal and racist practices on the external borders of Europe and in Poland itself. We also plan to engage in dialogue on effective actions to improve the situation of migrants and counteract illegal, racist practices.

Project activities

As part of our project, we plan to implement a number of activities aimed at effectively reaching candidates for MEPs. The plan assumes: Interviews with People from the Refugee Community - conducting interviews with representatives of the refugee community in order to better understand their needs and experiences, which will serve as the basis for developing effective information for candidates. Development of informants - creation of 5 informants containing important content on the issues of migration and human rights, which will be sent to candidates for MEPs. Joint Statement - developing the content of a joint statement that will present the main goals of the project and provide candidates with clear guidelines on how to approach the issue of migration. Meetings with Candidates - organization of meetings with candidates for MEPs in order to directly discuss our initiative, discuss the content of information materials and statements, and explain potential actions. Monitoring Statements of Candidates - systematic monitoring of candidates' public statements in order to identify the possibility of organizing meetings or the need to react to current events and declarations.

Project benefits

We believe that by providing future MEPs with a solid analysis of the problem and potential solutions, we can open the way for decision-makers to take issues related to migration and refugees seriously. Even if one MEP starts paying attention to how refugees (and migrants in general) are treated both at the external borders and inside the EU, we will consider it a success.
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