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Razem mimo różnic

Razem mimo różnic
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Educational projects
1.01.2022 - 30.12.2023
Project status

Project description

The project was created to present the idea of ​​social integration. Too often we hear the words: "they must integrate", but this is rarely followed by a vision and reflection on how this process should take place. As part of our project, we work to bring issues related to refugees and integration closer to the residents of Warsaw and the surrounding area.

Projekt „Razem mimo różnic”, prowadzony wspólnie przez Stowarzyszenie PRO HUMANUM i Fundację Inicjatywa Dom Otwarty, realizowany jest z dotacji programu Program Aktywni Obywatele – Fundusz Krajowy finansowanego przez Islandię, Liechtenstein i Norwegię w ramach Funduszy EOG.

Project results

1) Report "Social dialogue on integration policy"

  • The publication was created on the basis of neighborhood meetings that we organized in spring 2023 in various districts of Warsaw.
  • The people of Warsaw have developed many fascinating ideas that can improve the lives of all of us.
  • These are specific suggestions for:
    • how public institutions function,
    • social organizations,
    • cultural integration,
    • social life,
    • migrants' involvement,
    • supporting local initiatives,
    • elimination of discrimination,
    • development of urban policy.
  • The proposals concerned areas important for all city residents, not only those who had recently settled.

2) Lesson plans on walls and borders

  • As part of the development of this publication, we conducted as many as 63 workshops, thanks to which we were able to test and improve the scenarios we provide.

3) Podcast – “That's a terrible u-word…”

  • The educational part of the project is complemented by 6 subsequent episodes of the podcast. Podcasts are short messages (up to 20 minutes), and each episode is accompanied by a lesson plan that can be used to conduct lessons or workshops.

4) Club of Friends

  • This is an idea for integration in practice. As part of the Club, Polish and refugee families met to do something together.
  • As part of the "Friends Club", we organized meetings and trips in which Polish and refugee families took part.
  • The time spent together enabled the establishment of relationships and bonds and built the spirit of integration in the participants.

5) Toolkit “How to teach about human rights? - online”

  • The publication is a collection of thoughts and tips from three educators who have had to deal with teaching about human rights online.
  • The publication may be useful not only for remote work, because many of the comments contained therein also apply to workshop work in a traditional form.

Project partners

Stowarzyszenie PRO HUMANUM
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